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Be kind because life is nothing in the end.

Don't do it to please others and for approval. Do it because this world needs more kindness in it. Do it because it's the one thing that makes a difference in the lives of others and in your own life.

What's the point to any of this anyway?

Yes, you should do things and have fun, experience life and succeed in what you want to. Follow the desires of your heart and the passions of your soul but if you're not able to be happy simply experiencing the simple things in life and being kind to yourself and others, and you're just always mindlessly chasing something in the future to one day fullfill you, then your life sucks.

It's not the future that makes you happy ~ it's making the decision right now to be happy in life and when you're happy, you're naturally a kind person to yourself and others. 🤗

And remember, Don't allow people to take your kindness for weakness either, because there are people out there who will do that if you allow them to.


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