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I came across this picture on the internet many years ago and seeing it again brought back a lot of memories.

I love kind people. I would pick a kind lady over a beautiful one in appearance. There is a kindness of the soul that reflects outward.

Giving is at its best when you give to someone who might never be able to repay you. This woman right there showed kindness to someone who might never be able to repay her.

He found the man, bought him lunch and fed him. I could imagine the tears flowing from the man's face and how deeply touched the woman must have felt. I know she would be happy, knowing she touched a life.

Indeed, what comes from the heart touches the heart. Be kind to someone today and do it all over again everyday. Let the kindness in your heart shine through and stop putting up an act of toughness. The world need you more than you know.

Heal the world. Show kindness.

Have a blessed night.