The Act of Kindness; what is the Cost and Benefits

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I saw this caption on someones profile on whatsapp, and I said to myself, could this be true?

Looking at it from some point of view, it doesn't cost anything to be kind in the literary sense. But in reality, I don't think it is true. I will share my opinion with you.

Being kind actually cost a lot. It cost your time, effort, sometimes material things and energy. In some cases, it cost us discomfort, inconveniences and compromises to be kind to others.

Take for instance, when you have to be kind to a homeless man/woman/child by giving him or her a place in your home. It will cost you your space, material stuffs and compromising to accommodate the persons life style.
Another perfect example is having to give an upvote. It is an act of kindness. It requires your time, your data, and even your voting power. That is a cost to me and an absolute sacrifice of act of kindness.

Not everyone would give their time. So dear friends, kindness cost something, sometimes a whole lot from us.

Is the cost of kindness worth it?

Despite the fact that being kind to others may cost us something, the act is worth giving it. The law of nature say, what you give you get.
When you give out kindness, you get kindness towards you in return.

Now do not get me wrong, you most not get return same time, same day or from same person at an equivalent form.

Actually, this is where many get it wrong. They believe showing kindness automatically brings kindness in return which is absolutely true. But they tend to think that the reward comes from same individual/s they have offered an act of kindness. And when they don't see it coming from that person, they feel discouraged and disappointed. Some would say to themselves, I am not giving anymore.

Kindness carries a very positive energy that attracts good things. When you show kindness to other people, you attract similar level of kindness and many times multiple fold of kindness to yourself.

Literally, it cost nothing, but whatever it takes for you to be kind is born out of love.

Another good thing kindness does is, it chases away negative energy which would have cost you harm. It neutralizes its negative effect and in most cases overrides it to produce positive energy.

Attract what you want today, show acts of kindness, plant the seed of kindness and sow it in multiple fold.

Give an act of kindness today, give a random upvote.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this article.


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Do not expect kindness from people. That is the best thing you can do to yourself. When you do good, do it without expecting it in return. It might not come from who you did the good to and it might not come when you desperately need an act of kindness in your life.
Giving comes at a price but this should not be something the giver should hold on to. Give without rancour,bitterness or anger. That is the way to give.

Thank you @ceepee

excellent your post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote

All true ,we shouldnt expect kindness from who we give it to

The hurtful part about Kindness is that, many times, it isn't reciprocated.
But then, we shouldn't let who they are to determine who we are.

Very good one @ceepee. I would have always agreed that the act of kindness cost nothing. But you have explained and I am seeing this differently now. I do quite agree it cost a lot to be kind. You are actually sacrificing something to be kind to others. Thank you for this post. Just learnt something new that will be helpfull to me.

you are right ceepee... but it's hard to be kind with the negative people tho