Killthepad Challenge Week #21 - Oh So Lonely

in killthepad •  6 months ago


As I sit here in my chair
I look up at the o’clock
The hair on my neck; stands up
I pause; then rock
Thinking my fair share
With plenty of time to spare
I stare at the wall
Gaze Into an empty space
A blank look on my face
Into this dark abyss
I poke my tongue out and hiss
Can’t take this anymore
Want to escape this place
Please stop this rat race
A constant fix or chase
Don’t need a complex maze
The next fad or craze
I get bored of the noise
So make a simple choice
Ignore all the fanfare
I simply don’t care
No time for despair
For this is my time
To sit alone and shine
In the background
The sound of a chime


As always, have a great day and PEACE



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that's nicely uncomfortable rhyme power


Thanks...Its more comfortable when nobody reads it:)


i'll try to forget what i just read.


It can't be unseen:)

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how does that work when i all of a sudden go blind?


No idea.

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