Compelling Evidence that Irma and Harvey Were Created, Refueled and Directed

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The flood waters from Harvey haven’t even receded yet, and here we are, faced with the next manufactured storm...the now Cat 5 Irma.

In the following video, just as in the Hurricane Harvey origins video (below), WeatherWar101 illustrates how Irma was created by In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation – both on land and at sea) in exactly the same manner Hurricane Harvey was… as anyone with eyes can see for themselves.

Here's the Harvey origins video:

For people who study these "weather phenomenon," this reality is about as "shocking" as the sunrise and about as "mysterious" as the combustion engine. For ten years WeatherWar101 has built this body of knowledge and evidence brick by brick, and no one on this Earth, that I've seen, can CREDIBLY deny it.

Note that I specify ‘credibly” deny. This doesn’t mean the usual psyop sock puppets don’t show up pretending they can’t see the over 300+ videos, pretending they can’t see the 50+ years of satellite data that backs up and verifies every word. But all that does is expose these denialists and their cover-up agenda for exactly what they are.

So, WHY doesn’t everybody KNOW about this? For new viewers, this is one of the most shocking and world-perception altering information imaginable, but for viewers already-in-the-know, it has been matter-of-fact for a decade. For ten years the pseudo-truth community has been conned and hoodwinked into focusing on endless and meaningless HAARP drivel and Chemtrail Confusion that has turned the entire community into a laughing stock, with no real or usable knowledge about the daily man-made weather events destroying lives every single day.

Check out this Irma video and decide for yourself:

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Wow, i actually cant understand how stupid people are. Do you have any knowledge at all about how hurricanes are formed, or just how clouds are formed?
For one this Africa bit, the Very thin cloud cover created can be from power stations releasing aerosol particles into the air, this in other words is a nucleus for water vapour to condense on. This is very stable cloud and cannot be turned into any storm, its just cloud cover. Or more likely it could be cold or warm fronts. As the warm air rises it expands due to the decreased pressure in the upper atmosphere, it cools and condenses creating cloud.
What on earth are you trying to say with "frequency generated gravity wave"!! A gravitational wave is a ripple in the curvature of spacetime and is so small that a wave moves somewhat less than the distance of an atom, and these waves are generated by colliding black holes, thousands of times the mass of the sun. How are we supposed create a gravitational wave large enough to affect clouds on earth? And that is not how a gravitational wave propagates. First of all a gravitational wave propagates in a ripple effect in 3 dimensions and secondly it travels at the speed of light.

Finally, IF they created that cloud in Africa, how does that create a hurricane? cloud cover does NOTHING to create hurricanes. Literally nothing, you need thunderstorms to create a hurricane, a thunderstorm is created by the collision of a cold front into a warm moist parcel of air, lifting the warm air and condensing the water vapour. If the cloud is already there or not, it makes no difference what so ever. For Atlantic storms Africa supplies only the heat needed to start the storm. The Moister comes from the massive ocean next to it.

Please before next time you post, open a fucking book. One that's scientific please.


no offense but maybe you should also check your information, ever hear of HAARP and WSAC (wet surface water coolers) ? thats how they create hurricanes. for more info feel free to check out this post i made about geoengineering.
much love


My Chaos Theory book tells me hurricanes are created by butterflys.

Do you get paid by the CIA to post nonsense? Because you should. You should be on their payroll because whenever someone wants to bring up any legit thing to critique the government on, about what CIA mission was totally bogus and leaked, those people critiquing government just get labeled conspiracy theorist, and then they get lumped in with online posts like this.

As long as conspiracy theorists like you exist, you make the job ten times harder for honest people to shed light on things. We get labeled nut jobs, because of all the dishonest nut jobs out there, such as this post.

I would not do this work for free, not even what you get paid on Steemit. Contact the CIA, they will pay you to make this stuff.


i concur

Geo engineering is never used for the greater good , people need to realize our governments are attacking us on a daily basis in one way or another .
Stop voting no matter who is elected things will stay the same , only massive non compliance will change our countries for the better .


well said

I just watched some girl point this out on facebook and got hit with about 300 "You're stupid" comments. makes you think...

I generally like your videos on youtube they have a lot of thought behind them. Unfortunately, this video by WeatherWar101 is so vague with such little evidence this seems like propaganda that would be put on CNN. I am basing my comment solely on this video alone. I do intend to view a few more by WeatherWar101 to see if he gives more evidence that I can at least search and verify elsewhere before I can give this theory any kinda of merit.

Claiming In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation but not showing any other evidence makes this theory very weak. Are there any satellite photos of structures in the spots he claims? If not what on earth could cause the massive about of water evaporations? One thing I can think of would be a nuclear power plant. I live near a nuclear power plant and can say it generates a good amount of evaporation but nothing like what WeatherWar101 is claiming in this video. What kind of power source would be needed to produce just one of the many "In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generators"?

Yet again based on this video, to make those kinds of claims is wildly irresponsible. I do respect much of your work and content but this post is no where near your normal critical thinking videos. I have your posts here on Steemit on an auto up-voter. Based on my critical think of this post and the video I will be removing my up-vote.


I have watched a few more of WeatherWar101's videos on youtube. I would like to comment further on this theory which WeatherWar101 tries to make.

First Ill note that much of his videos on the theory are very vague. From my understanding, his theory is very similar to the Global Warming theory. In the Global Warming theory manmade CO2 is the cause of global warming. Which has shown to be very misrepresented. The really issue is how much of an affect does manmade CO2 have on a global level in temperature and weather patterns. The more evidence I see the more I feel we do have and impact but that impact is so extremely small its not really much of a concern. But this doesn't mean the sources of energy used to produce the add CO2 are not having other effects on the environment. The global warming theory or movement is very misleading CO2 is probably the least harmful thing amongst all the other chemicals released from the use of fossil fuels.

So WeatherWar101 theory to me seems to pose the same question. Some of the faculties on google maps that WeatherWar101 does show are vague at best. I am assuming they are mostly power plants. Not sure of the energy source used at these plants. So in WeatherWar101 theory these faculties produce water vapor. There is no doubt about it that manmade water vapor will have some affect, but how much of an affect?
I am sure someone much smart than I could go into the average math calculations for how much water vapor one of these plants could theoretically but into the atmosphere. From my simple point of view I doubt these plants could in theory make a hurricane let alone add multiple inches to its rain fall.
I can not come up with any examples because WeatherWar101 theory is so vague.

Is he claiming that manmade water vapor creates massive weather storms? I hope this is not his claim because the math I am sure would be to extreme for humans to be able to produce that much water vapor. Unless he is claiming there is some extremely secretive technology that far surpasses anything we have currently. Either way he really doesn't show any evidence to even make this remotely plausible.

Does his claims of manmade water vapor merely increase the magnitude of a storm? This has a better chance of being believable. Yet he is still to vague and does not even suggest a theoretical number of how much rain fall could be added to a storm. In the case of hurricane Harvey Are we looking at say an extra 10 inches of rain fall? This I feel would need to be theoretically calculated based on the amount of water vapor these facilities could produce and what the possible amounts of added rain fall they could have. I am assuming the total amount produced would be relatively close to the additional rain fall total. Even me throwing out the number 10 inches of added rain fall feels a bit far fetched.

The thing that raises my red flag with WeatherWar101's video he claims at the end Quoate "This channel remains, the only place you can find the actual and verifiable truth".


I like how WeatherWar101 shows the creation, or enlarging the volume, of excessive rainfall but I don't agree with the theories he has regarding the reason for the manipulation and the climate overall.

My best guess is that it is part of trying to sell us man made global warming. So they can point to all the flooding and say: see, just like we said, all a result of climate change. Plus an economical factor, minimizing the resources the average person has.


This video has a bit more substance to it, but makes the claim the earths weather patterns have been destroyed and all weather is man-made. I have no proof to absolutely say this is completely false. Yet these videos claim this is all fact but don't show any facts on how any of there theories could actually be mathematically possible.
Lets at least build some legs for this theory to stand on before such drastic claims are made. These 2 videos seem more like CNN videos that try and take the worst ideas someone could come up with to scare people for ratings.

Start with some theoretical math showing how much vapor some of these power plants and WSAC can produce along with the amount of energy needed. Here is a starting point.

Next show some studies for the claim that Doppler radar/Nexrad can steer clouds.
Lets at least quantify some of these ideas. Then you we begin to see if this theory even holds any merit.

I think the bold claims don't have merit at this point. I think there is much more merit in that humans contribute to a small amount of added water to the total rain fall. This is a very complicated subject by itself to prove let alone for these videos to claim humans control the entire earths weather.

I always question everything. It would not surprise me 1 single bit if Govts helped influence storms a bit. But to say they create them and influence them is a stretch. Hurricanes are not a new phenomenon. Have been recorded throughout time. Way b4 our understanding of basic science. So that alone puts holes in this theory. Not that its 100% false either. Definitely need more details on this.


I agree with you on this. Some of the claims seem far fetched but we do need some more evidence or at least more theoretically math models on how much energy would need to be used to produce evaporation on such a big scale. If you watch the video and all of its radar models it looks possible because the map is so small. If you really thing about how big the hurricane really stretches out is hundreds of miles. Also if the storm is producing on average 40 inches of rain per square inch, these In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generators would need to be taking the same amount of water in volume and evaporating it. That is a lot of water.

I remember Cuba used to say the US was creating hurricanes and sending them to hit Cuba, now it is the US is creating hurricanes to hit itself, like all theories this can't be disproved because the possibility does exist that humans create these hurricanes, even though I highly doubt it, but then I would have to ask how come we have had about the same amount of hurricanes hitting the Caribbean for hundreds of years? Could this technology be so old?

I've been looking into this, too. There are some things that are so black and white when it comes to some of the mega storms that have been going on. Some of the paperwork that has surfaced, regarding the seeding of Harvey I will reserve my judgement though I feel they are valid. I was warning people about how Irma could be a Cat 6 and how weather geeks are looking at it with awe.

We will see. Keep sharing the info!

Offensive to human logic and facts.

There is the possibility that the faster than usual water evaporation is caused by global warming. The video says that it is unusual that rapid evaporation is coming from drought stricken Africa. It makes sense though, it's experiencing drought because of rapid evaporation. I don't think there is anything unusual about that.

I am not out right dismissing this theory, but I am also not dismissing the fact that it could be have been naturally made due to global warming. Instead of simply pointing out the spots of rapid evaporation, a better investigation into the matter would be to monitor the temperatures in the area. A constant increase in temperature would indicate it is a natural event. Meanwhile an instant rapid increase in temperature would indicate the possibility that it is man-made.

I've been saying this since it started!! Before I saw the evidence. The fact that some people will not even consider the fact that "the powers that be" would do such a thing. 9/11 -perfect example-one of my best friends was in town and we were talking "conspiracy theories" and he asked "are you one of those 9/11 guys?" I just rolled my eyes, I wanted to enjoy my beer. Thanks again Brian

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