KillerPix Contest week #29 entry EASTER!!

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The Easter rabbit is one of the symbols of the Easter festival; represents fertility, birth and life expectancy.

Before Christ, the Germanic peoples considered the rabbit a symbol of fertility, and associated their appearance at the beginning of spring, with the rebirth and renewal of nature after the winter season.
The rabbit is used today as a symbol of Easter, which is the Christian festival to celebrate the hope of life after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Holy Week.

However, neither the Easter bunny nor the Easter eggs it brings are mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

The tradition of the Easter rabbit is associated with fertility celebration rituals that were held in northern Europe in pre-Christian times.

In addition, the legend according to which in the tomb where Jesus was there was a rabbit that witnessed his resurrection is also false, without any support in the Holy Scriptures.

Category: killerpix
Location: venezuela
Date: April 1, 2018

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