Russian Orthodox Church in DC

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St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington DC, 2014

I have photographed over 4000 religious buildings and this one had perhaps the most beautiful paintings all over the ceilings of any church I've been to.
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I remember visiting and talking to some of the parishioners and what I found most striking was that it was being built during the 50s ... and to me that was crazy because it was being built during the height of the cold war with Russia in the heart of the American Capitol. They mentioned spies and some of the difficulties their congregation had because of the circumstances. It is litterally in a short walking distance from the National Cathedral... in fact I just kind of stumbled across it after photographing the National Cathedral at Sunset.

I'm submitting this to the @killerwhale competition about RELIGION
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Great photo and story.

Wow...its not just painting for orthodoxe...its litturgy! #mindblow

Pretty amazing how every square inch is covered with different images and yet how they all mesh so well together isnt it?

I do wonder how much they use/refrence or even just stare at the paintings on a weekly basis.

The building is a visual representation of the hierarchy of being and the "cosmic masse" found in the book of Revelation. Basically, that art is being "used" every Sunday as a tool of worship.

wow! really beautiful camera shots. thanks for @jarvie

Beautiful shot. You could spend days in there looking just looking. Amazing.

Yeah i bet the church goers do that a lot... i would.

Amazing!. 4000 photographs religious buildings are a very impressive figure and the picture is very colorful.

Thanks you're doing some great work yourself... love seeing your images.

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Those colours! That is beautiful! In Washington, D.C. of all places, eh?

Yep just a couple blocks from the National Cathedral. haha

Wow, dude that is a crazy amount of religious buildings! This one looks amazing!

It really was a crazy amount... and i really am certifiably crazy for having done it. But still a pretty awesome accomplishment i suppose.

Haha yes indeed dude, lots of content and exploring!

wow there are so many, the small churches out in the country, the beautiful ones out in the Dakotas, the lighting one is one of my favorites! This is a great shot.

I am very impressed with your photographs. !Congratulations! Good job.

Nice capture @jarvie

In soviet union churches was closed and forbiden. You can go to prison for just attendig one. So it looks like those russians who build it was in exile from USSR and wasn’t representin Stalins bloody regime.

This photo and the painting per se are some sort of optical illusion! It's way too idk how to explain, maybe "visually deep".

@jarvie Hola Bella la fotografia yo pense que Yo era el unico que siempre estaba en busqueda de algo interesante que fotografiar. esta foto la tme en el año 2014 en la Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Carme en Barcelona estado Anzoategui Venezuela

@jarvie Hello beautiful photography I I thought I was the only one who was always in search of something interesting to photograph. This photo the tme in 2014 in the church Our Lady of Carme in Barcelona State Anzoátegui Venezuela