KillerPix Contest #35 - Sand

in killerpix •  10 months ago

The KillerPix Theme for this week is SAND so here is my entry for this weeks contest. This was photo was taken on the beach near where we live.

photo by @claudiaz

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very nice nature i like post my friend @claudiaz

Amazing shot, it has something that makes me want to write a poem about it. Thanks for sharing! Loved it.


write a poem and share it with me please! @zoexantelamv


Well, I really liked the idea of the poem and I felt creative and motivated by you, so here it is :)

I hope you like it, @claudiaz! Please let me know what you think.


Loving the angle on this photo and the inclusion of the broken wooden fence. Time for me to find some sand


go for it, but please be aware this is not my contest its run by KillerPix


I saw yes. I also noticed that it has to be in by the Monday following the post, which means it's too late for me. Will wait for the next one.

Awesome photo! Wonderful composition!


thank you

Stunning photograph @claudiaz. Good luck with the competition. 😊

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