Shop Class at Home Depot

in kidskraft •  6 months ago


We have known about it for some time but this is the first time that we remembered on the right day. Every month on the first Saturday Home Depot offers a free kids craft. Today they got a small kit called "Classic car", that contained instructions and all the parts they needed to build their own wooden car. When they finished the build there was a table with paint so they could add some color to their creation. What a great way to get some experience with basic tools and paints. The kids loved it!

I think that this will be a regular part of our homeschool once we get back to the US after or summer in Sweden.

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oh such sweet kids 😊 HAPPY WEEKEND to you!


Thank you! And happy weekend to you too!

We used to love the free crafts at Home Depot! Not only was it fun, but it was also a great homeschool experience since it encouraged skills that can be utulized for a lifetime.


Yes, it's free, fun and does give practice with skills that are good for life.