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Hey guys hows it been I found myself not being capable of doing the weekly show being that I just don't seem to have the time. I definitely will be more active on the platform tho. I have recently done more research behind Crypto-currency and bitcoin and my interest has grown even further then it was before. Today I will be leaving you with some in home content that my daughter has decided to begin. Something for your children to watch in their spare time.

Obviously this content has nothing to do with crypto or bitcoin.... but I truly believe a lot of Steemit users have taken this platform to a new context. I do believe you are free to post whatever content you feel as log as it is not something that will get flagged. ( you can look thru the site for flagging info) Most users seem to flood the the platform with education regarding coins, market, mining ect. Are they wrong? Absolutely not! it IS OR WAS A FREE platform, for you to build content that may have a positive trend rate. Also, COULD OR CAN bring you royalties that you can secure without the taxes and uncle Sam's eye in between. Another part of this great new system called a block chain! This platform is Facebook without Mark Zuckerberg. While posting publicly you may stay anonymous with your success without the major publicity and anxiety.

This is my daughters channel please subscribe if your children liked the video!



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Steemit is not only for crypto stuff! rem that!

Did my best to counter down-votes. Don't have a lot of STEEM Juice, but do what I can.

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