A Quick Run to the Park then a Late Dinner

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Safety at Play

It was a beautiful day today. The kids have been bouncing off the walls for some time and today was the day that I dedided get them out and let them burn off some energy.


This is called the Spider's Web. I used to be against it because the older ones were bigger and taller and made out of steel cables. I would not let them climb more that the level of my face. The equipment was over eighteen feet tall and the "webs" were large enough for an adult to fall through.

These photos show the newer equipment which seems much safer with all of it encased in a metal frame and the highest they can get is eight or ten feet. There are several of them so there is room for them to play.


We broke with tradition because I allowed cookies and milk after school for some quick energy. Then we left in a hurry in order to arrive to the play park early enough so they could play for a couple hours before dusk.

I had dinner in the oven and I shut it off before we left. If you time things right, you can still get home and have a hot dinner. They joyful screams and excited flurry to get out the door for a surprise evening out was wonderful.

I tried to see it from their perspective. They are pulled out of school for dentist appointments, shots, or when they are sick. I did not pull them out of school today but taking advantage of a sunny day and letting them run and slide without getting too much sun seemed like a good way to let them know I love them and that Mom can be flexible.


In general, these parks are being made safer and safer. The days of cement and skinned knees are over. Everything is built on a base of what looks to be cork. It is like a play mat. I saw a child trip on the nails that hold the spider webs to the ground but I suppose there will be hazards no matter what.

We got home and they ate very well despite the sweet snack they had before play. Bed time came earlier than normal tonight too, and the best part was that there was no goofing around before sleep!

Worked like a charm! Energy spent, stomachs full and sleeping.

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