Cell phones for children - a right or a privilege?

in kids •  18 days ago

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Getting Cell phone is surly a privilege for children. We as a kid does not use cell phone and we were cool with that. But it's true that today's kids need cell phone for doing all the trendy stuffs like taking photos, sharing it, downloading. 


We have to understand in what age they can do all such stuffs. I think kids under 10 have no need to have a social media account and share all certain things on it. And browsing internet should be under supervision.

There are many smart devices and watches now a days to communicate, track or locate your kids, just use that instead of cell phone. 

I may sound very rigid as a parent. But I believe it's for their own betterment we should not give them cell phone in certain age.  

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I would agree. Technology is a tool, not a privilege, and young children need to be taught how to properly use devices like cell phones before being granted one.