Hi Nick. Sorry we haven't spoken for a while. Things have got a bit crazy for me lately. I am now working with PIVX.

If you would accept I would love to donate 10 PIVX to start a savings account for the girls. Downloading the wallet is pretty easy and that will allow the wallet to earn interest to fund future Huggies style business ventures for these two entrepreneurs.

You can download at if you would like to accept this offer. I am happy to talk you through setting up the PIVX wallet it if you have any problems.



Fish, my man, i've been still watching your youtube videos and I hope you don't get eaten by a shark. I would love to hear more about PIVX. I'll download the wallet in the morning. Hope to hear back from you mate.



Thanks for watching. Cool man, just let me know when you've got it sorted (or if you need any help). And I'll transfer the start of the girl's savings fund. We can now actually use PIVX in Australia. Really exciting stuff.

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