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My son , my life .

In December I was In court in 21/12, after my ex refused to allow my son to spend The first half of school Holidays with me . This is ordered by the courts .

I took her to court and thank god that the judge saw through all this and ordered the child returned to me .

After spending 3 weeks with him , having a great Christmas and New Years I had to return him on a Monday the 15thof Jan . I was quiet throughout the day and had to remind myself to be cheerful around him , kids are extremely intuitive and can sense any distress .

When my ex wife came to pick him up , my son gave me a very tight hug , and wouldn’t let me go. I was gutted . It’s an emotion best left unsaid .

I miss my son dearly , he is only 7 , and has seen a lot in his tender years . I pray to god that he is always healthy and safe and happy . I will see him again but the thought of even being away for one day is torturous .

I pray to God , that those who are in a position like me , that they children are blessed with happiness and health and have a a 2 sensible parents .
Writing about this helps hide some of my pain .
As a father I have yet to see greater joy than when my son is happy . Nothing , I mean nothing comes close . I am sure most parents feel the same .

My son loves Fiji and I told him I will try to save up to take him to this Fijian island next year .



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Thanks and good luck .

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Thank you @leveuf


I know what you are talking about @Navala!! They need us strong and wise, even when they are away. Some day your child will grow and make his own decisions it will be good if he knows that he count with you!!!
A big Hug @Navala and blessing in all this situation!!


Thank you so so much . Much respect . Looking forward to another awesome post by you ...


Thanks!!! :) It will come soon!!! :D
More good vibes for you!!!

I'm glad the judge saw through all the bs and you got to see your son!! Some people just abuse the system! Hopefully you will get to see him more frequently after this! ((hugs)) Fiji looks heavenly!


Thanks so much @deerjay . Children are life’s greatest gifts . Fij is heaven ... the food , the simple culture ... and the people are truly from another planet .... Navala is a Fijian village


You're very welcome! I would have to agree on that about children! Cool to know about Navala being a Fijian village as I did not know that. Love and Light to you @navala!!


Hey thanks .... and same to you .