My daughter, doll and glue. Guess what happened ...

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I was sitting at my computer somehow, doing my own things, and my daughter was playing in the next room, singing songs and loudly voicing dialogues between soft toys that were drinking tea, going to a polyclinic to be treated, or playing catch-up games.

I went into the reading of an interesting article, and here I hear the edge of my ear, as the daughter expressively tells a poem about glue: "Hey, save yourself quickly - ran away from the kitchen glue! He does not regret anybody: everyone, whom he meets, glues! ". We learned this poem with her. At first the thought came to my mind: "Just poems about glue. Well, I remembered and remembered. What is it? ". A few seconds later I was hit! We bought the Moment glue yesterday. Where did we put it ?!

I rushed into the room. Mom dear! The daughter was holding the same glue that we bought yesterday, and she applied it abundantly to the doll. The entire plaid on the couch, where she played, was also in glue.

From the picture I saw, I was horrified:

"Nastya, what are you doing?" Where did you get this glue?

  • I took it on the shelf. Over there. - and pointed to the closet with her finger.

I thought:

"How could I forget to hide it away?" Here, stupid! After all, I knew what a child could find.

The doll had to throw out, as well as the plaid. Glue was extremely good. Not abrasive. Thank God that I did not glue myself to anything. Or maybe just did not have time. I arrived in time.

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