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Hash Rush, the first Real Time Strategy game to be built using blockchain to power the in-game items and economy is now live on Kickstarter.

Why Kickstarter?

One of the core goals of Hash Rush is to introduce the mainstream audiences to the world of blockchain. As part of that goal, we have been attending events throughout the world presenting Hash Rush at events such as Gamescom, EGX, and the Tokyo Game Show.

Each event has been a success for us and we have noticed that our community been steadily growing from being mainly crypto enthusiasts to now incorporating the more mainstream audiences.

This has given us an interesting challenge to tackle. While an ICO is a great way to raise funds, it mainly speaks to members of the crypto community; people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies tend to be excluded. This goes against our core values and so the Hash Rush Kickstarter was born.

Raising money through Kickstarter has several benefits for us, while it does help us secure funds for the continued development of the game, Kickstarter helps us to reach an all-new audience and further spread awareness of the blockchain-gaming revolution.

How does blockchain gaming benefit me?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been a regular piece in the mainstream media, but the news pieces will mainly focus on the financial side of

blockchain. What you may not have realised is that by incorporating blockchain technology into a game, we can give the players some really big benefits:

  1. Item ownership
    Unlike traditional games, the player has true ownership of all items and their currency. No one can take it away from them, not even the people that work on Hash Rush.
  2. Transparency
    All items and currency are fully transparent. At any given time any player may search the blockchain database and find how many of each item exists, or what the total currency circulation is. This way, a player may learn about the actual rarity of their items.
  3. Improved Marketplace
    While every game has a marketplace, there are usually restrictions on what the players can and can’t do. With a marketplace that runs on items stored on the blockchain, all items can be traded without restrictions. Players may craft their own items and then sell these on the marketplace and earn the in-game currency, thus allowing a free player to buy the full premium perks just by being active. If at any moment the player decides to quit the game, you can then sell all of your items and currency back for real cash.

We feel that these three extra points give power back to the community and the players.


But what about gamers that just want to just play, without thinking of blockchain complications?

No need to fear, when playing Hash Rush, the player will not notice any change in their gameplay or gaming experience. For all intents and purposes, it will feel like a regular, high-quality real-time strategy game. Making use of the blockchain additions is entirely a choice that the player makes, and one that they can make at any time.

So if you are a gamer, a blockchain enthusiast, or just someone that is in love with the Hash Rush art, join us on Kickstarter now!


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