Kibisis Wallet now available on App Store

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Kibisis is a user friendly iPhone Wallet (EOSIO) with the following functionality supported in it's first release:

  1. Transfer coins
  2. Transactions History
  3. Stake/Unstake resources
  4. Vote for Block Producer
  5. Token Balances
  6. Lease EOS on Chintai dApp

Kibisis supports multiple accounts on multiple EOSIO Blockchains:
EOS | Worbli | Telos | BOS

Multiple languages supported:
English | Chinese | Korean | Japanese | German | Spanish | Russian | French

See Demo Video

Download Directly from App Store

Report any user experience or translation issues on our public Github repo

Please take your time to review and share!

Connect with us! We're building a better future on EOSIO.

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Are you guys still looking for a social media coordinator etc?
It's been a while since I first entered the crypto-space, almost 4yrs. ago. A time when there was very little in the way of help for those just starting, so naturally I amassed a wealth of information.
I just needed time to finish properly organizing it all so ideas etc. would stop getting lost in the disaray.

I love @eostribe My B.P. vote stays on you always as well as those I've introduced. According to them EOSTribe is Legion.
I've also created a few designs for the web as well as for merch. I didn't want to go wild till I made sure you're ok with me using your designs and name at times.

I remember you @victorcapulet at one of EOS SLC Meetups we organized last year.
Please ping me directly on Telegram at @eluzgin.

I just resteemed your post!

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