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Hello everyone my coin is live now available on steem engine InShot_20190618_155048360.jpg
I'm going to be giving away one hundred tokens today if you want a token just comment and follow me resteem for extra tokens hopefully my tokens take off write a post about my tokens for some free tokens check out my main account I dun another post like this giving away free tokens @kgakakillerg


King Koin or King Kong?

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Hi @pompe72 I just sent you some free #kgcoin tokens check out your steem engine wallet

THXS, you get some Troll tokens too.

No problem and thank you

Thanks for the giveaway, resteem!

Check out your steem engine wallet 🚀 #kgcoin

Hi @lovelemon I just sent you some free #kgcoin tokens

Why i should buy your Coin?^^

It's your choice to buy I have sent you some free #kgcoin tokens enjoy 🚀

Thank you. But for a buy, i would think a little bit, about a usecase from the thing i would buy. :-) Just for the existens itself, i do not buy anything.^^

No problem I'm doing a giveaway feel free to get involved

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Hi I did not use this service ?

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This is really an amazing idea to capture some thing wanted facts.nice.

I would like to have

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