A few more sales over night + seems like a lot of people trading my kgcoin token

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Hello here are the 24 hours sales looking good InShot_20190725_114431206.jpg
All these sales are not being made by me I see some people trading my kgcoin token's which is good to see I also see that I have a lot of people staking kgcoin token's and have not sent over a screenshot to receive a daily upvote just for staking over 100 kgcoin token's so if you are reading this right now and have staked over 100 kgcoin token's just send a screenshot and I will verify and then you will be added to automatic upvote receiving one vote a day

The steem I made I will be buying 2 steem worth of steempower delegation and the rest will be powered up
If you have any questions suggestions advice please feel free to comment below

Buy trade stake kgcoin token's

exchange 1 kgcoin token for a one cent upvote

About kgcoin token's


What's the usecase of that token ? Never heard about it so far.

I put a couple of links so you can find out more about my kgcoin token's

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