The madness of international restaurant chains

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I spend a lot of time using the WiFi in various restaurants as part of my plan to sever all ties with land based utilities. It has reduced my costs considerably, and I've made quite a lot of new friends and contacts. I have a KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) that is really convenient for me, but it's a bit of a nightmare to use. The power facility is great with several 13 amp and USB sockets next to tables. The WiFi is completely unusable, so I have to tether through my mobile. I find the food inedible as well, but the coffee and chips are fine. Recently they have been having delivery problems. It seems that DHL is incapable of scheduling their deliveries because of incompetent software programming. They ran out of lettice for several days, and this is probably the best part of their burgers. When they ran out of Coke, customers had to go to the McDonalds next door to buy their drinks, and bring them back to KFC. I understand that Coke at McD is larger and cheaper as well. The killer for me is their failure to be able to serve hot drinks, because they ran out of paper cups - that was two weeks ago, and I gather it will be  another two to three weeks before a fresh delivery and they are able to serve coffee.

The madness of the situation is that they are about a minute away from and ASDA superstore ( Walmart ), and all of the out of stock items could be purchased cheaply from the supermarket. This would allow them to continue to provide a service to their customers. Both Asda and KFC sell Seattle's finest coffee, so the purchase of cups would be transparent to their customers. It seems that local managers are not trusted with any discretion in this matter, and all orders have to be routed through their incompetent supply chain. The customer suffers as a result of this, and this doesn't happen with smaller businesses.

I've included a couple of images to show how close the KFC is to the supermarket.

The white building in the background is the supermarket

This is the front of the Suermarket early Sunday evening

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