Lucky Merkabah Outline Appears on my hat somehow while taking a picture of my own "ExoSD 2011" exopolutics lecture about krystic life spirals vs metatronic death or "hard lesson" spiral

in keylontics •  6 months ago


Just another cool "coincidence" planned by my higher self... the more electricity that you can produce with your own body like a battery the farther back in time you can send messages over the bitcoin network :) I already know that St Ackza = Stackza aka the Slogo slogan of @rest100 "stackzeverything" or Stackza with an E... Mister E and Mister A...

To watch the whole video this still was taken from just Google "zack and meg exopolitics 2011 San Diego ExoSD" I think @lionspaw would love to help organize a new Nightvision Astronony Skywatch with third gen PVS7 goggles and powered by and we can invite @benjaminfullford and @andrewbasiago who I met and messaged over facebook about his experiences on the not so secret Mars Colonies in the 1980s and his time travel experiences where he claims to have gone back in time to The Civil war and got to hear President Lincoln give the Gettysberg address in his every high pitched Nassal voice that not many even know about.... And hey if you want to doubt Andrew Basiago or claim a man with multiple PhDs and degrees is either lying or was "mind controlled" well that's just irrational... why would there be a conspiracy to make one man believe he went to Mars in the 1980s as part of the very real secret space program... where do you think all those trillions of missing Pentagon funding go? hmm. Anyway its much more likely than Andrew Basiago DID go to Mars via the Jump Rooms Aaron Mccolum mentioned on @projectcamelot @kerrycassidy @projectavalon and also @billryan who I got to meet with a friend of @rishi556 over in Ecuador and that was just synchronicity alert high... just met him in vilcabamba in the town square randomly

And we met ASHAYANA deane's original Videographer and we saw one of the only copies of Anna Hayes very first presentation at 1996 UFO convention where she showed what the Milabs look like and what the ET abdictions look like at Edwards air force Base where US military has men in black like gang planks & Docking platforms for ET ships :)

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