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Hi there Kexcoin people,

We go live on Friday at 15:00 UTC. Make sure you are ready.

Get your BitShares wallet setup and your Bitcoin deposited. You don't want to be waiting on a Bitcoin confirmation when we open.

Kexgill have just released a new flipbook of "The Terrace" development on Cranbrook Avenue.

This gives you a great insight into the types of properties that we'll be building with the funds raised in the Kexcoin ICO.

There's also some Kexgill financial data on page 8 that you might be interested in.

To access the PDF flipbook, please click here

If you haven't yet read through the whole step by step guide on how to buy Kexcoin then please click here to read it

Also come on over to our official chat group:
Click here to join the chat group now


Interesting stuff. Although I am not sold on the ICO since I already have rental properties and don't want to invest in real estate across the pond sight unseen, I will keep a close eye on this. It will be interesting to see what kind of profit ICO buyers will get.

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