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We go live TODAY at 15:00 UTC. Make sure you are ready.

Read through the step by step guide for the exact process to follow.

At time of writing this the token sale will begin in less than 2 hours.

Pre-orders have almost doubled in the last 24 hours as people are likely buying some cheap Bitcoin to put into Kexcoin.

It's a good idea to place your order before we go live because then you'll get your Kexcoins automatically. That is as long as you enter the minimum price of 0.0025 BTC or above.

If you haven't yet read through the whole step by step guide on how to buy Kexcoin then please click here to read it.

Also come on over to our official chat group:
Click here to join the chat group now

Please note that we will never display an address on our website for you to send funds to. Please only buy Kexcoins on the BitShares network following our instructions. This is important to avoid scams.

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