Kexcoin Now Listed As An Asset On!

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Kexcoin Officially Listed

Appearing as the top banner on is one thing, but being officially listed as a coin is taking things to the next level!

Click here to go to the Kexcoin page on now

Because we are still going through our ICO the price of a Kexcoin is fixed at 0.0025 BTC. 

That means the price of a Kexcoin in US Dollars will fluctuate in line with Bitcoin, however 1 Kexcoin will maintain a price of 0.0025 BTC until the end of the token sale.

Our token sale ends on the 14th of October remember so if you intend to support us please do so as soon as possible so we can reach our minimum goal of £5m.

The Number 2 Coin On BitShares

Not only has Kexcoin been listed as an asset on CoinMarketCap but it is also the number 2 most active asset on the BitShares network, second only to the BitShares core token itself.

Click here to see the list of most active coins


Thanks for posting this. I just bought some kexcoin using OpenLedger.