Mary Ruwart – Assisted Suicide, Dr. Kevorkian, and her Sister’s Experience

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Please enjoy my recent conversation with Dr. Mary Ruwart. Herein we discussed her family history, Martie’s medical journey, Dr. Kevorkian, Martie’s miracle, her last few moments, defending Dr. Kevorkian, responding to religious criticism, pet euthanasia hypocrisy, Alfie Evans case, healthcare regulatory bottleneck, over-worked surgeons and physicians, healthcare in Communism/Socialism, regulation requirement stifles new people, origin of American Medical Association, rent seeking, why suicide is illegal, love your neighbor, God’s will, Christian Anarchists, global Voluntaryists, judge and be judged, libertarianism is about love, the goodness of people and more!   

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Mary Ruwart – Assisted Suicide, Dr. Kevorkian, and her Sister’s Experience    




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