The Best Damn Keto Busicuts Ever!

in keto •  last year

Since starting the keto woe in October, I've become a food scientist. I've been trying to find a good replacement for bread. I've made, keto bagels and a loaf of bread and I didn't like the texture. The bagels were a bit cheesey tasting and grainy, the bread was too eggy.

I then stumble upon this keto cheddar busicuts recipe ( and baabbbbyy, we've struck gold!

These tastes just like Red Lobster's! I tweaked the recipe a bit, I used one less egg (next time, I'll only use 2, and brushed the tops with melted butter, garlic powder and parsley) when they were done. I'm in heaven!

These will be a staple in my keto arsenal. 20180117_214750.jpg

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I will definitely have to give this recipe a whirl. They look amazing!! <3


You should, they were so good! ❤️

Thank you for sharing! I am gonna make these this weekend for sure.

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