Kerala flood 2018 - donation1 dispersal update

in keralaflood •  2 months ago

This may be the first attempt to raise donations for Kerala flood relief fund using blockchain .....

Received Donations:

7 days ago Received 50.000 STEEM from @followbtcnews flood donation
7 days ago Received 25.000 STEEM from @guiltyparties flood donation

Post regarding donation collected :

4 hours ago Claim rewards: 9.098 STEEM and 9.100 STEEM POWER

Total = 93.198

Funds transferred to Binance = (Transfer 85.730 STEEM to deepcrypto8 102399021

USD Value on the date of Donation is approx 1.1 USD (from coinmarketcap)


  • ceiling up 93.198 to 100 STEEM (+7 STEEM)
  • rounding off USD price to 1.5 USD (+0.4 USD)
  • Thus USD value = 150 USD

USD / INR conversion rate is taken as per 06-09-2018 and the USD price has increased slightly over the last few days.

Final INR (Indian Rupees) = 10,783.46

Final Amount to be transferred to CMDRF = 10,785/-

Screen shot:

SMS received:

Dear SBI UPI User, your account is debited INR 10785.0 on Date 2018-09-06 03:04:25 PM by UPI Ref No 824915579834.

##end note

  1. Added more funds to make sure that there are no confusions.
  2. Wholeheartedly thank everyone for the valuable contributions ...
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Wow good going:)