Announcing KEOS swap!

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We are announcing a token swap for ERC-20 based KEOS token to a new EOS-based KEOS token usable on the EOS Mainnet. The following is a step by step instruction regarding the process. Please take a moment to carefully examine the instruction to ensure a successful token swap.


· All ERC-20 based KEOS token transaction will be systematically stopped starting October 1, 2018
· A snapshot of all ERC-20 based KEOS token will take place starting October 1, 2018
· The new EOS-based KEOS token will be published starting October 2, 2018


※ As all ERC-20 based KEOS token transaction will be manually stopped starting October 1, 2018, PLEASE make sure to have all your ERC-20 based KEOS token sent in full to your existing or newly registered account specifically at HANBITCO EXCHANGE ( or MEET.ONE wallet ( BEFORE October 1, 2018..


※ As for Hanbitco Exchange a wallet designated for ERC-20 based KEOS token will be made available on August 27, 2018. As for Meet.One wallet TEAM KEOS is currently in the process of getting the wallet made, and will be announced upon completion. (Currently, MEET.ONE is not supported, so please refrain from moving to the wallet.) PLEASE remember these dates and register at either HANBITCO EXCHANGE or MEET.ONE in advance and in time to ensure a seamless swapping and future transaction using the new EOS-based KEOS token.



· The new EOS-based KEOS token contract account address (EOS) : keoskorea111

· ERC-20 based KEOS token contract address (ETH) : 0xd4ae0807740df6fbaa7a258907132a2ac8d52fbc

(This address is not a personal account address but a token contract address. Do NOT send anything to this address)



· Every process that the token swap procedure entails will be fully handled by HANBITCO EXCHANGE and MEET.ONE, and the swap between ERC-20 based KEOS token and the new EOS-based KEOS token will be made in 1:1 ratio.


We are currently in discussion with more exchanges and wallets that may choose to offer migration support for you, and we will update you on our progress as soon as we have one.

We will keep you posted for any updates. We can’t wait to become a community that represents the voices of the greater EOS community. Thank you for your continued support. Join us. Let’s make things happen together one block at a time.



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