How to get an IP address in Kenya?

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With 44 million inhabitants Kenya is a big nation with some amazing nature to be proud of. The two formal languages are English and Swahili, but since you are reading this, I guess your English knowledge is up and going. Would you like to secure your Internet connection in Kenya using a VPN, or maybe you want to get yourself an IP address in Kenya? Read on!

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The biggest city in Kenya is Nairobi, and the country itself is located in the Eastern parts of Africa. If you have been there or not, this article will tell you how to virtually visit Kenya by getting a Kenyan IP address. This is a quite seldom and hard thing to get, but recently it just got easier, at least if you are willing to pay a few dollars for it. This is a very stable and easy to use method, which will secure that you get a local IP address in Kenya and that you will be able to bypass geographical blocks and other stuff that might annoy you if you try to reach them from outside Kenya.

A Kenyan IP address - The solution!

To get yourself an IP address in Kenya you better head over to ExpressVPN, one of the biggest and maybe the best VPN provider on the market. As you visit their website, sign up for their service and download their VPN client. Once you have done so you can simply start the program and connect to their server in Kenya, and within a few seconds your connection will be encrypted and you will get yourself a Kenyan IP address. It sounds easy, and the truth is... it is as easy as it sounds!

If you click the link above, you will even get an amazing three months for free if you purchase their 12-months package. Even greater, you can use the same services to unblock streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and FuboTV. Besides popular streaming services, you can also use ExpressVPN to watch live TV channels in other nations, for example, BBC and ITV in England. It is also very useful with a VPN when you go abroad or travel within your own nation, but you need to make sure that you are safe online. Connect to any of the ExpressVPN servers and your Internet connection will be encrypted, making sure that you will stay safe online.

ExpressVPN has servers in approximately 100 other nations worldwide. As a result, you can use ExpressVPN not only to unblock streaming services and to get a Kenyan IP address. You can use the same VPN service to get a local IP addresses in about 100 other nations. This opens a whole new world of opportunities, so make sure to check them out to take advantage of as many possibilities as possible that come together with a VPN subscription like this,

Have you tried it? Have you got any questions? Write a comment and share what is on your mind.

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