What Kenyans think of other African countries or rather what the Media constantly reports.

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I am Kenyan and African, i am patriotic and love my country with all my heart, i would not trade this country for anywhere in the world! My country is beautiful, the vegetation, the slopes, the wildlife, the cultures, the weather and the people! All these is God's gift to us Kenyans. We however live in a country that's sharply divided along tribal lines and this i believe is the only thing that limits us as Kenyans from fully realizing our potential - the politician has mastered the art of divide and rule and every time we get ready to unshackle ourselves from these chains, a politician comes along and tightens them in the name of our tribe is been targeted! For close to 50 years we are yet to reason as one people with a common agenda, yes there are historical injustices to be addressed but let neighbours live because all they have is each other!

Kenya is therefore known for these things; every time there's an election we spotlight the world news, it happens because we fight to death so that "our people" can ascend to power. This in turn brings the economy to its knees and the result is like a domino effect, hunger-begging-crime-murder etc. Every 5 years is repeat process, there's nothing i dread more in Kenya than an election year!

"We are the third most corrupt country in the world" says transparency international. It could be true, our current auditor general says that almost 40% of our tax cannot be accounted for! Kenya collected 1.4 trillion in taxes that means that almost ks 600 billion was lost to corrupt dealings - this statement right here will earn you a bullet, i have no bodyguards so i leave this here!!

It's not soo gloom and there's is a light that shines on kenya whenever our runners take on the world, it's no secret that we are the wakandas when it comes to the track. Kenyans have broken the world records over and over again we are soo good trump wanted to ban Kenya from athletics!! Hehe

Our coffee is the most sought out, tourists have been known to take thousands of miles to fly out to Kenya just to taste our coffee! It's one of our cash crops, a major contributor for foreign exchange. Coffee has ensured that our reserve coffers are well oiled with $$$. Coffee gives me the jibbies, i don't take it most often but whenever i do ☺☺

There are a few known African countries, these countries are known to the rest of the world because they have made various contributions to the world. Most of Europe, America and Asia thinks that Africa is a country but it's way bigger than what your maps have taught you, see below.


If conspiracy is anything to go by, you'll see that we have been made to believe we are inferior even in history and books - there is something in images that corrupts your brain to believe something! Have you ever taken a photo that made you look smaller? You always want to be at a vantage point and appear taller to the rest in a photo! Africa has been painted as a dark continent with people living in mud houses with wild animals, this lie has been told for far too long that it seems like the truth!

Its not only the propaganda peddled by the white elites to control the rest of us! But also what has constantly featured on media amongst africans and their attitude towards other Africans.

so what do we hear of other Africans?

I'll mention a few cases that have featured prominently on media over the last few decades and this is what we have heard about -


Our closest neighbours have had a cival war for almost 3 decades now! It is where terrorists are brewed, all illegal arms that find their way into other neighbouring countries come from here. All terrorism acts in our country are carried out by alshabab from Somalia. If you see a Somalia national run!

Arab African countries

They even deny been Africans even though they are in this continent - they would rather be associated with the middle east! They initially had a leadership that was working for them until you know who came in and burst their bubble! The rest of us Africans don't want to go here for fear of torture and be sold as slaves. We believe that they take out their anger on black Africas for atrocities melted on them by those other guys!

South Africa

They are the richest in Africa, with a vast wealth in mining of diamonds and gold. But they have been portrayed as being lazy and hateful of other black Africans who go there to look for opportunities. There have been numerous cases of xenophobic attacks, they have maimed and killed other balcks it's been a case of the kettle calling the pot black!
We have known SA to have the highest percentage of rape, murder and hiv infections or that's what has atleast been put out in the media.


Whenni hear the word Nigeria, three things come to mind - Oil, corruption and Cons! I for a fact has once been conned by a Nigeria, i was young and naive and online shopping was new to me so one decided to take advantage of this.. The wealth in that country is enough to provide school, hospital and other amenities to its citizens free of charge but once again greed takes over.


I don't know where to start here!
The president who held in power for almost half a century! The highest extra ordinary inflation in the world, you would think that these people are dumb but they have the highest literacy level in Africa. Now that the former president is no longer in power, hopefully they can find their way again.

And many more African countries with their own unique problems. There seem to be a dark blanket thrown over in Africa that hinder us for growth but we are trying our best to rise up and liberate ourselves. I believe it's just a matter of time to reach development.

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