I am seeking a divorce!

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Dear Kenya.

Firstly i want to thank you for your time, we have been together for 30 something years now! It's been a long marriage and i have not been happy! Our relationship has been rocky, fruitless and childless. I cannot remember an instance when you were good to me! Its been a one sided relationship, you being the only one reaping big. I feel drained and tired - today i seek separation pending a divorce. I know you will not change and your many half hearted efforts trying to win me back will not succeed, i have made up my mind.

This is what i accuse you of!

1. Infidelity

In the beginning it was just like a dream, i remember all the words that have been whispered so softly in the name of manifestos, all the love songs in the name of campaigns that got me soo weak to my knees. I remember all the dates in the name of apperances on my TV screen the dashness, the shine, the beaming smiles and the well measured choreographed words that came out of your mouth - the smooth operator.

I listened keenly and like a moth thats attracted to the light, no matter how i resisted, i succumbed and fell for you! All you wanted was one thing, one thing that would tie me to your love, one thing that would eventually make my life a living hell, one thing that would keep me awake all night so you could sleep better, one thing that would make you treat me with disgust, one thing - my voters card!


- Strange bed fellows

House girls were the first victims of your infidelity - you started sleeping with every girl that ever worked for us in the hope that they could validate your manhood - you shamelessly discecrating the matrimonial bed in the name of alliances only to discard after use! While you were busy impregnating the house girls your children have been wandering around like cain with no moral direction..

2. Finances

This has been a bone for contention, when we got married in the 60s, we sat down with a marriage counsellor and discussed finances, we agreed that all monies would be accounted and appropriately used to make our lives better, for us and our generations. We seem to have succeed at first untill your friends came into the picture!

An invite here, an invite there your friends made our kitchen their own and our fridge had no peace! Our food they raided, the kids food was not spared either, food we never ate started disappearing and before we knew it theft had started..

You allowed your friends to disrespect your home, they stole from you, from your children - all the fertile land was taken, money stolen, medicine and all things basic for the well being of your people!

Of late we have been blessed with a bountiful rain, so far a hundred and twenty souls have been lost due to flooding, thousand more have been rendered homeless, there have been landslides, earth splitting cracks, crops destroyed and despite all this water - we will suffer drought in a couple of months as soon as the rains stop!

Kenya your boys have been at it again, stealing rain water, diverting water from the main dam that supplies water to your first born son called Nairobi - to fill their man made lakes, selfishness of the highest order to deny millions and millions of people fresh water!!

You can surely understand the reason I'm divorcing you!

3. Physical and emotional abuse


This is what you are doing to me, robbing my morals so that i can stay completely dependant on you! This way you can easily control me. Yet i have rights but i can't speak freely, i can't walk freely, i can't challenge you, i can't look at you without suspicion. You have been poisoned that any move upon you is a threat to your existence.

Kenya, your children your youth - your future is demoralised! They have no hope nor aspiration, your fathers friends and cronies have ensured the rest are on their knees, even before a bone falls to the ground it's quickly grabbed by hyenas and vultures, any attempt to remove the meat from your mouth is met with death! And so your children turn against each other, they lie in wait to pounce and kill because they also need to eat!.

Kenya you can surely see why i need a divorce asap!

We have had a good number of years together, in all these years i have been patient, i have stayed with you because of kids, now that the kids are grown and moved out of the house. It's been hell of a time living with you! I have grown old and weak, i look a few generations older than my real age and i need to go away and work on myself!

You can surely see why i need this divorce


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