Bandit Economy: Causes of Kenya's Runaway Corruption

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Not Patriotic


Toďay i am not felling patriotic today! There's a verse in Proverbs 31:10-31 about a wife of noble character and how she brings joy and happiness to her family! I would like to believe that this is a two way traffic and that the husband equally plays his role well to deserve such a noble wife.
I would like to equate this bible verse to a citizen/s and country and the special relationship they share. It's not a complicated love affair, it's simple as the citizen works hard, parts with a percentage of his hard earned money, gives it to the government in return for the provision of its citizens basic needs - namely, security, affordable healthcare, affordable housing and food, nurturing talents amongst other things!

Kenya should be sold already and each given a share

When citizens start uttering phrases like this, others conversing succeeding while some claim that the parts they live in is not Kenya, it becomes easy to tell that one party is not happy in this engagement! It pains me airing dirty linen in public but if this loud mouth route is the one to take and force audience! Then i am prepared to take it. It's time to speak up lest we start buying oxygen!

As we speak, the sugar i have been drinking for the last God knows how long is filled with poison (they are saying mercury and copper), this year alone over 500 billion has been lost through corruption (cases still pending in court) we wouldn't be surprised if the very air we breath was poisoned just to create a Business opportunity for some tycoon, so we joke!! This particular joke, (if the current events are anything to go by) will quickly come to pass! Soon we'll be taking selfies with Chinese oxygen tanks strapped to our backs!!

Heavy rains ended a couple of days ago but we still have dry taps. You wouldn't believe, but water that goes into the dam that supplies over 5 million homes had been diverted (oh my God, some people had stolen water!! It's unbelievable!!!) Holy Molly who bewitched you people?!
These are the reasons i will air out dirty linen to the whole world because things aren't right! We are quickly sliding anarchy and lawlessness because nobody seems to give a fuck about anything!

Agriculture and Manufacturing has been killed

We used to have so much fun with coffee beans, i was especially naughty with the red ripe ones by stuffing them in my mouth to chew and stuffing some in my ears! My favourite times were accompanying grandma to the coffee station, weighing and getting paid! We had rows and rows of those beautiful trees, today grass and weed has taken position - they were uprooted in open defiance after the companies involved were closed down is management run down! Same happened to our cotton industry, paper industry, meat industry and now sugar industry! All these industries are run down on purpose so that a few powerful business men with their political partners can import cheap unchecked products are harmful and poisonous to the citizen!

Seven Deadliest Sins

When look at what is happening, you think the good book couldn't have been so right at calling out humans at their real nature! This is another common phrase in kenya "we were bewitched and the witch died!" It couldn't be further from the truth because these are our guiding principles!

1. Greed

Intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power and food. Kenyans will go at great lengths to obtain these, the bandits motto is by "any means necessary"

2. Lust

Uncontrolled passion or longing, especially for sexual desires. The rise of slay queens anď polygamistic discussions in Kenya. The bandits know, money and sex goes hand in hand some prominent leaders have been caught in lodgings stark naked having sex with minors and other people's wives! There's is a court case in progress, it is said a slay queen walked into a government institution armed with her nicely powdered face and said she was going to supply air! She later received ks 60 million in her bank account the following day!

3. Gluttony

Consumption of food and drink in excess! The run down kings and queens wine and dine in extravagance, they are not ashamed to post receipts of millions spent on alcohol, bittings and condoms for the masses to see. Sooner rather than later we hear of cancer stories disguised as business trips abroad!

4. Pride

Excessive view of one's self without regard for others.
The bandits behave in total disregard to others and don't respect the law either! They act with a lot of impunity - a story is told of a certain tycoon who hit a pedestrian and killed him instantly, it was later reported that he thought he had hit a dog!! The police helped him in cover up! This is an everyday occurrence in Kenya!

5. Envy

Intense desire to have an item or experience that someone else possesses.
Banditry is also fuelled by envy, when you see a fellow bandit with a sports car you want a better one. Bandits are driven by obnoxious tendencies and some great desires to be noticed! For this they are ready to do everything in their power to achieve status.


It's sad what this beautiful nation had turned into.

Its shameful! We are just going down the drain, we no longer care anymore.

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