White Christmas

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We gather together to show the
World our love for Christmas. We
Turn our normal living spaces
Into light shows for all to witness.
From the sidewalk lighting to the
Roof top guest we place to bring
Christmas to life. We turn our world
Upside down; stocking decorated
With children's names are spread
Out across the fireplace mantel
Accompanied by homemade cookies
And a fresh glass of milk. Christmas
Carols ring out against the silent
Night as the chard firewood begins
To lose its flame. Upon the center
Of the room stands a light beacon of
Beauty. Mimicking the shape of a
Once so alive and breathtaking
Blue spruce. Multi-colored lights
Swirl upon every level of its branches.
Bringing to life the handmade nick-
Nacks from our younger years,
While the angle of light shines bright
Upon the highest point of this
Beautiful piece of art filled with
Unconditional love. This is what creates
A white Christmas for all to cherish. A
White Christmas to shower love
Across the world for all to feel. A white
Christmas to give without the need
To ask in return. Show the love upon
This white Christmas.
By Kelly Clegg

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That is a beautiful poem! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas bro


Merry Christmas to you @kenny-crane. I hope that you and your families wishes are brought to life upon this beautiful day. Spread the white christmas love!!!

Beautiful as usual. We don't get white Christmases over here in Nigeria but it's always the best period of the year. Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas @stanleyc-md. I hope you and your family have yourselves a day to remember for years to come!

Wish you happy white Christmas


Thank you @raiyan. I hope you and your family have yourselves an amazing day. Sharing memories, love, and happiness!

wow... just wow... wish you a white Christmas.


Thank you @bapin I wish you and your family blessed white Christmas for years to come.

If there was the unconditional love... well, I hope there is.
Happy holidays.