Recapturing Beauty Of Old Writing Round-8

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Hello Fellow Steemit Followers and Peeps,

First and far most I want to apologize for the delay in my posts recently. Life has been a bit crazy around here and what not, but I want all of you to know that even in my absence I am wondering about all of you and how life is in y'alls world. ;))

Anyways I am here today to being you round 7 of my Recapturing Beauty Of Old Writing. I do hope that y'all enjoy your read here today and the pictures I have also added to the post, all taken by me with a few different cell phones. Well have a fantastic night and I hope y'alls weekend ends on a high.;))

Chase the Power of Steeming my Fellow Steemers;))

Photo Taken By @kellywin21

Fearing Change

I am upon a path in my life

in which screams that of change.

With snowflakes falling like

hand crafted crystals stacking

themselves upon one another;

it is here in which I no

longer allow fearing change

to chain me down. Instead

I stand to challenge it; breaking

free of these chains in which

I have been accompanied

by for so many years. For

there is a fire inside of me

craving that of a simple taste

of freedom. A fire in which

wishes to leave its mark upon

this world in such a way a

legend is born. With motivation

high and faith lying within

my heart it is in this moment

in which I embrace what

is to come. No more shall

I hide in the shadows as the

world continues to live; for I

have wasted enough time sitting

upon these shadows within this

life I have lived already. Turning

my head to the moon lite sky

I am ready to face the changes

in which are coming my way.

By Kelly Clegg



Photo Taken By @kellywin21

Fighting the Fight

We stand upon this world as one,

but yet we see the beauty that is laid out

upon our feet; in difference. Living

our lives to which we believe is

right by us.

Some fight for the small things

in life, believing it to create true happiness

upon our hearts. While others fight for

the materials that are made by

the hands of all people, believing it

to bring comfort upon them.

Building happiness within our

hearts that creates an image of who

we are as a individuals. Begging

and pleading, we fight for the

right to create a story worth

telling too many.

Only to hide what tears at our

hearts the most. For we fear

being seen as weak, but yet being

seen as weak is what gives

us the strength to stand strong

upon our worst moments faced.

Standing at the edge of time when

the clock is ticking down, we are

seen as one. United together without

knowledge, we fight the same fight

that is played out amongst us all.

We may fight the same fight,

but we must leave our footprints

upon this earth in our own ways.

Allowing us to create our own

story to be heard by many.

For our stories allows all to see

the beauty in which is laid out

upon our souls, showing the

world our true colors without

fear in our hearts.

By Kelly Clegg

09/17/13 - 12:20pm

Photo Taken By @kellywin21

Final Resting Place

As I walk through the misty

Morning, I find you

Standing there like stone.

I try to touch you, but the breeze

Of coldness that comes

From your body stops me.

As I stand there looking at you

I see a tear full of life run down your

Face like falling leaves on a

October morning.

Your tear hits the ground

like glass, but does not make a sound.

I wonder why the tear, but there

Is no answer only a smile.

Looking into your eyes

I feel the energy of love, hope, and

Happiness flow through me like

Magic in a fantasy story.

But this was no fantasy story,

It was a reality story within a

Fantasy story.

The color of your eyes is

Starting to come back now, and

The look in your eyes has become stronger.

You look to me with hopes of seeking

love, hope, or happiness.

Looking back at you, I can see that

you have found just that.

You reach out to me

and the cold breeze that once stopped

me in my tracks was gone. Grabbing

My hand You fall softly into my

arms and there you lay resting your

Head upon my shoulder.

I watched as your marble blue

Eyes closed, Holding you tight

I will carry you to a place

Were forever you will rest in peace.

By Kelly Clegg

4/25/05 - 2:00pm

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Thanks for checking in and wondering about all of us! We've glad to see you back here and read your writing and powerful poems. Hope you're having a nice weekend!