Grape-vine Train

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Words are weaved into that
Of a grape-vine train. Laying its
Tracks upon the ears of those
Standing on the outside looking
In. Must look like such the simple
Life; the simple life where my
Needs are met without cost, any
And all bills are covered by those
Who love and care for me. From
The outside looking in they have
Questioned my reasoning for
Remaining in home with a family
Of ten. Words of “grow up” linger
Its presence upon the tongues
Of many. If I told you I hold the
Job of a taxi, yet my payment isn't
That of a paycheck; would you be
Angry because I am working for
Free while you are working for
That of a paycheck? Or would
You be angry because your
Judgment was wrong? What if I
Were to tell you that I am an on
Call 24/7 seven days a week
Errand boy in search for a fast
Dinner to beat the time; would
You realize just how much time
I am able to spare for another?
Or would you see that of some-
One who needs to “grow up”?
If I cleared the window into
The depths of my life would you
Still see that of someone in need
Of growth? Would you feel the
Sacrifices I have made in order
To better the lives of those
Whom I love? Or would you
Simply see yourself staring
Back at you? No matter the
Answer, I have made; and will
Continue to make sacrifices for
My family, for time is never
By Kelly Clegg

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Beautiful. Great modern-day commentary on how our upcoming generation are squeezed into a form of slavery, kept in a state of dependency, barely enough in the average paycheck to cover the basics for independent life. So sad.

I like to see your photo with poetry & thanks to share this content.

Good post