Behind Fragments

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During the waking hours of the
Night she lies peacefully upon
My side of the bed; it was always
Her bed. Even when we were
Wrapping souls within the dream
World; it was her bed. Sitting here
Putting pen to paper her sent
Lingers upon the open air only to
Leave behind fragments of old
Times spent. Activated like that
Of flash bombs set to ignite all
Moments made upon her presence.
Without hesitation I am taken
Back to the moments in which I
Hold dear. Feeling my hands
Upon the beauty of her body,
The sensation of having her
Close once more sends lighting
Rods through that of my entire
Being; just like the first time.
Looking back now I miss the way
She swayed her body to the
Sounds of music; dancing with-
Out a care upon the world
Witnessing her cute weirdness.
There was never a dull moment
Within our world, only that of a
Sense of adventure; a sense of
Thrill upon the very veins of our
Bodies. There; here, in this moment;
There is never a moment in
Which the fragments of us is forgotten.
By Kelly Clegg

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keep it up and nice :)

Beautiful. You must be good with the ladies
Happy new year