Contest Entry - KEEP THE LINK #6

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Here is my entry for KEEP THE LINK #6 by @ijmmai.



I'm afraid this time I will stick to English as I'm a bit short on time and writing in Dutch is a fair bit slower for me!

The toothpick is replaced by the Toothbrush. Both are things you use to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

The print is replaced by a SIM removal tool. Often if I can't find the SIM tool to spring the sim treat (or other recessed buttons), I will use a drawing pin!

The guitar pick is replaced by the violin bow. Both are the parts of the instrument that make the sound, the breath of the instrument!

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Thanks for participating. Nice object. At first glance I thought 'what is that?' but it completely makes sense now that I know it is a violin bow :) (almost sounds like a song).

Yes, it is much longer than the rest of the objects, so in the end I thought I would just put in a little bit of it!

To be honest I completely 'misread' your objects at first glance :)

I read your story earlier about putting the new disk in the computer and now I looked at the image and the text quickly and combined the unknown object with the phrase 'sim removal tool'.
Long time ago I had my fair share of computer repairs, and I thought, 'what?! there is a tool to remove sim-modules?'.

Looking and reading more carefully made it clear I jumped to conclusion too fast :)

Yeah, the tool came with the OP5. I usually carry it around with me in a little pouch of various computer related kit, just on the off chance that I will need to spring a recessed button (like a CD tray...)!

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I totally understand what you mean. I have had this 'stubborn CD tray'-tool in my computer repair pouch since forever. Created it way before mobile phones came with a sim card removal tool :)

Haha! That's what I always used before going for a high-tech upgrade!