Still life of assorted objects!

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Forgive me for entering so many contests on my feed today. This one is for keep the link, found here:

The James Taylor album relates to a guitar pick because of James Taylor's guitar, even though he's finger plucking in that picture on the cover.
The floss relates to the toothpick because they're both useful after I eat.
The Hollywood Fringe pin relates to the pushpin because both kinds of pins were stuck in my corkboard before I took this one down to take a picture of it for this contest.

a bdee bdee bdee, That's all, folks!

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Thank you for participating. Your picked some real nice objects.

enter as many as you can!! If someone complains, tell them to send you 10 SBI memberships and you will stop for a day LOL

Ha! Yes. But for real, I don't do any contests that require a resteem. When I visit a profile and see nothing but resteems, I don't bother searching for their actual content. And original content is what I want to see before I decide if I want to engage with someone.

I hear you. I resteem some stuff - but not very much...