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This logo design for KB-Legal contest by @artzanolino.

What is KB-Legal?

I do not know exactly what KB-Legal is. :D But in his request, they explain a bit about what they really want. This is some explanation from @artzanolino:

She would like a sleek and modern design. She wants a modern font (she mentioned modeka, achi, parley, metria, arenq, qg) and letters overlapping in a creative way. She mentioned she would like the K and Legal in one shade, the B in another, and she would like the B to pop out 3-d style. Honestly, I trust your creativity though, so you can create a logo based on these parameters and/or also submit an entirely different alternative conveying KB-Legal.
In terms of colors, she prefers one of the two tones to be a shade of blue, and the color combination to portray calmness (she doesn't want purples or pinks), the font and Logo should be easy on the eye.


So, based on that explanation I try to create a unique logo that is slightly off the mark they want, but what I make this is not unwarranted. I tried modifying the KB letters into a butterfly. Because I think everyone likes butterflies, especially women. And also this logo is certainly for a woman. Matches is not it?

I use blue in accordance with their request and also use Achi font like she said before for Legal letter mark. So, this is my design. Please enjoy.










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