How do you say sorry to the person who is dea

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Is it too late to say sorry to someone who has left this world ?

It is about an elderly someone  who loved and cared for me so much that I would find his interference in everything I did.

With his years of experience being almost two times my age then,he had developed the skill of sniffing to sense any trouble and be overly  protective before a problem actually took shape. 

I know, having an angel like guardian around you is a blessing ,but with the passage of time, I was feeling sick of answering to questions like where I went, why I wanted to do something, who were my friends, why somebody was being nice to me and a long volley of questions would be thrown at me only for my own good. 

I recollect that day when I had blasted furiously and misbehaved and thrown things out of their place and screamed using foul words and crossed all levels of hooliganism to break free.

As time passed by,I realised that every single word that came from his mouth began  to come true,as if the future had foretold him everything .people I trusted betrayed me.The ladder that took me up to success now brought me down to failures.I was failing in everything and in every way. 'karma' was hovering over my head for my wrong doings. 

But MY Ego would never let me go back to him  ever again !

One fine morning I decided to walk back again on the path that I had once left behind and made way to where he lived.

I was too late.

My angel like guardian had now become my guardian angel. 

Last year ,before winter fall,I recollect I had  turned blind to the call that had come from him.

That was when he was counting his last few breaths and wanted to speak to me before he got down from his train.

Not having him around anymore is my biggest punishment.I can't have him by my side anymore but all I want to say is

I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry. Though  I do not deserve his forgiveness for all that I have done .

May his soul rest in peace.Amen.

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hi @musiccurry

I really do not agree that it is too late because we have already seen and see how many times there is, there is life after the Mavtz and we also believe in it so that the person is dead does not mean you can not ask forgiveness because his soul goes up and is in between and it does not matter where it is Because still he can still hear and it is not over at all His story is just beginning and can be restored to our world again so I say Do not despair and do not live with these feelings of guilt If you hurt someone or something like you to the grave ask forgiveness That will only make you a better person That you do not let these things go and you can not live with the fact that you hit someone and right now he is not near you I appreciate you This question hopes that you will continue to be good and will only do good all your life and a sign will hurt no one more !! I really admire you for this question
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Your words are like drops of dew on a soul on fire. Thank you so much for your soothing words. A sense of guilt is the biggest slow poison on earth and it kills me slowly everyday.


Do not be sad as long as you feel that you have to ask for forgiveness He already knows and forgives you because he has already seen the truth After he died and went from this world that this world is a big lie is already up and everything is true and he feels you and knows that you are sorry and forgiving you but you need Do the deed and go to him to ask forgiveness because the dead also have the right to be angry and believe me that you do not want someone to be angry with you ... So my platform to him to the grave ask forgiveness Put some flowers and say hello ... I wish you only happiness in your life my friend