What do you want to do with the delegation #?

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Good morning @karensuestudios , first of all I want to give you my sincerest congratulations for this important achievement that you have just obtained 3,500 followers in your account.
Well it is the first time that I dare to participate in a contest as important as the one you are doing, we will see how we analyze this question.
"What do you want to do with the delegation?"
I am helping a foundation here in my country Venezuela called "Armando Sanchez" a humble gentleman who helped many people in a community called La Chivera, there he put all his efforts and part of his financial resources to make a chapel in honor of the Virgin of Valle, she is celebrated every September 8th her birthday party and is the patron saint of fishermen, the chapel was built and she continued to help people, gave them food, or money including some that did not have clothes he also bought clothes for them, people loved him very much but the year 08- 09 2015 Mr. Arming died in a hospital in the city of Caracas at 7 and 30 of the night after he was waiting for the medical discharge to come to continue the celebration of his beloved virgin, this was very sad for all family and friends.
The children and some other relatives decided to make a foundation in their name and so the idea continued but it was not until December 25 - 2017 when the first action of this foundation took place See here. I want to continue supporting this Foundation and all those who decide to help others


thank you for sharing your story!

Good day @karensuestudios, grateful for reading my publication

You are doing a great work. supporting to needy and poor people is always a good job. Best of luck. Keep continue in future too.

Good day how are you ..., thanks for the advice, if I'm helping a foundation I think it's the best, I have no money but what little I can earn here in steemit I give to the foundation, I'm your follow-up for a long time, a Greetings from venezuela