What I will do with the delegation.

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First and foremost, I'll like to express my heart felt gratitude to @karensuestudios for organizing this contest. I'll also like to enjoin in your celebration of 3500 followers, it's a very big achievement here on steemit and I say Congratulations. For delegating 3.5k worth of SP to the winners of this contest, I really commend you for that. It shows you are generous and you will surely be rewarded.

Now the big question - What do you want to do with the delegation?

I am @brightex and I joined the steemit platform around February of 2018. Since then, things hasn't been really encouraging for example making posts and getting only about $0.02. It's so frustrating and I believe you once felt that way. For this I joined many steemit newbie groups like STEEMBEE HIVES, FBM Steem community, Fired Up (Steemit), etc. These groups try to give new users a boost up in their journey on steemit. These they do in a number of ways; resteeming for visibility, mentoring, and upvoting as well as commenting in our articles. These activities at least bring a sense of belonging especially when one upvotes your work.

Hopefully, If I am delegated the 700 SP, it will really go a long way in my life as well as in the lives of other newbies. As a newbie here on steemit, my upvote has been insignificant. I have only been able to upvote people with a fraction of a penny. The highest value I have given is about $0.01 from the reward pool which doesn't really add to ones life. Most of us on steemit have the culture of generosity and kindness and of course yearn to practice this generosity and kindness in the way we give our support to quality content writers.

Well I would very much like to do more curation on here, finding quality contents and upvoting them. I hope on creating more newbie groups and helping upvote their quality works so as to encourage them and just like you @karensuestudios have done, I'll also organize contests to help boost up some of them. I just need more SP to achieve these.

One might want to ask how having more SP help with that? Well, It helps by getting my upvotes on other people's comments noticed more. My upvote now is worth less than a penny and no one seems to really notice. But if I had another 700 SP, my upvote would worth more and this people will really notice

There are lots of good content coming from a lot of people, and I wish there was more I could do to help promote their work. A boost in delegated power would be just the thing to help grow the little guys on steemit and help them work their accounts up to a competitive level.

Thanks much


I do hope that if you win the delegation you would stop plagiarising articles from the internet and passing them off as your own?

Wish you the best friend, and i hope you'll help a newbee like me?