Karbon - Another Steemit Rival?

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We see now a lot of fintech have been develop till now. Youngster now tend to make some profit by make sales in the social website such as facebook, Instagram and tweeter. time pass by and these type of people seem to find another alternative beside than facebook. This kind of this have bee realize with the Karbon Team.

Karbon Decentralize

Karbon have goal to provide a platform where consumers, Merchant and advertiser can co exist in a social environment. Karbon try to realize the fintech trough social. like steemit people gain money through digital currency. Karbon design it features in the Karbon app on mobile whereby people can buy through cryptocurrency. For the time being 8 Crypto currency have been selected.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash , Monero, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, & Z cash

how Karbon will benefit to the Users

According to the whitepaper, Users, Merchants, and also advertisers can earn cryptocurrencies through it's tools in the platform. People will able to use the Karbon token(KARB) itself r using another selected crypto currencies.

Micro tipUser will be reward when other people like the content the at he posted. (like steemit)
Userswill be able tu buy product using crypto currencies.
Userscan have secure messaging
Merchantscan open storefronts on the platform using e- commerce tools
AdvertisersAre given features such as keyword - bidding stat tracking and have the performance report.

This is one of the example how that the app look alike A bit look like steemit but steemit currently using SBD and also steem to operate the system.

Karbon design it app so that users can connect with their network, fanpage, followers, and also subscribers.Sound a like facebook rival right?

Secure Messaging

Karbon include it secure client side encrypted messaging system to keep conversation private and secure without possibilities of data mining. Private keys are stored on the users device. Karbon also improve at the system whereby direct users can make payment directly through messaging. it kind look alike a pop up style. during the conversation. This kind of thing will make thing more easier to people who doesn't have technical skill whereby the users only need to recognize with whom he make conversation with and accept payment.

E commerce

The picture below show that how the basic e commerce that have been displayed on Karbon Website. Look much more easier and interesting.

Karbon Token ICO

This Karbon is stil in the ICO process just begun last month start on 23 July till 23 Sept. Unfortunately this ICO is design for people who are afford to contribute 1 eth or 1 btc.

At the road map as stated in it website, after the end of the ICO, it will going to enter the market exchange, before it final release on March 2018 for the application to be release.

Special info

Today, now there a lot of ICO coming pop up in the world. We as investor need a proper study before join in any investment. because there are bad and good coins. Choose wisely. and for crypto crypto newbies like me, we need more study so that we will not leave behind. keep ahead with crypto!!

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There have been several attempts to implement per-article micropayments from readers to authors, but none have become widespread

-- Steem Whitepaper (page 7, para 2)

No matter how small the amout, as long as users have to "pay from their own pocket". the incentive is gone. It becomes a zero sum game.

No, i don't think it can be a rival of Steemit purely because the Steem Blockchain solved a problem Karbon didn't know it has. I won't part my money for this Fintech anytime soon becuase Steemit is still the better technology. And we are all doing the right thing posting stuff here!



Yeah definitely. i just want to emphasize that we soon turn into another world. we clearly see that how transparent steem is. while Karbon still on planning. i would join the Karbon after it launch to try it out but not during the ICO and when it completely free.


Get back to us with your experience! maybe i would also try around the UI to see what is it about.

As Ned said in his tweet

" Steemit is the first website to have it's growth created by tokenized incentive alignment. There will be many more over the next few years"


yes.... that is what i mean. but wait for me next year lol.

I tried to visit kraken.io but the website is unreachable.