Porcelain soft slabs

in karatsupots •  2 years ago

I started playing with soft slabs this week (no not that, you with the dirty mind) and made some paddled forms for sweets and food. They will go into the fall kiln once they are glazed.
Here is a finished piece:

They are really simple to make, just cut a slab like a piece of cloth for a sewing project, paddle it to compress and add texture, and fold up/ join the edges. Like this:

Because they are compressed by paddling, and maybe because of the way they are assembled, there are no problems with warping when they dry, which is a very big plus.



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You use an interesting type of paddle. Did you carve it yourself? Nice dishes.


It's actually two paddles and one piece of a tree branch for the rings. I did carve the paddles, but I have others with natural wood figure as the design.