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Welcome, welcome all you shower crooners and radio howlers! This first ever Steemit Karaoke Contest will be brought to you by #thealliance on Monday! How does it work? We’re going to give you five songs to pick from. You choose the one you like most and record yourself singing along with it, and drop your video and/or link to your post down there in the comments. Easy, right?


  1. The 1st tag for your submission post must be #karaokecontest.
  2. This submission thread must be upvoted and curated (resteemed).
  3. Your video of yourself singing must be in comments of this post (so you can get the popularity vote), or at least a link to your Steemit post entry.
  4. You must choose one of our selected songs to sing along to.


  1. Popular vote: This will carry 40% of the overall score. Whoever has the most upvotes (not reward amount for the post), will win the popular vote. You may only vote for yourself ONCE, purchased bot votes for yourself will not count.
  2. Timing: 20% weight - how close you are to the timing of the original lyrics.
  3. Pitch: 20% weight - how close you are to staying on key to the original lyrics.
  4. Likeness: 20% weight - how much you actually sound like and embody the singer of the original lyrics.


We will award prizes for 1st, second and third places the following Tuesday (8 days later for the payout). Estimated prize pools will be announced upon submission closure for the week, which still gives you ALL of Saturday to attain more popularity votes. I'm sure that in the beginning, prize pools will vary. @enginewitty has donated 10 SBD and any revenue from the thread will be added to the contest purse. Steem Power generated will be used to maintain @killerwhale's voracious appetite. Winners will be announced Mondays with the posting of the new submission thread.

And the judges are… @hardikv, who was the winner of Open Mic 39 (2nd position) and won @fyrstikken's 50k SP for a week contest. We’re excited to have him aboard. Check out his band, Alif @muziclub. @chiefmappster who is the founding member of the Beat Battle League and also a strong supporter of many movements here on Steemit. Also, @jaynie has agreed to step her passionate self up to the plate and be a judge for us. Thankful for all of you. And finally, we have @michaeldavid doing the magical math involved with tallying all the scores so...he's the one you'll have to bribe if you really want to win LOL j/k! This is going to be fun though everyone, we're excited!

This is all made possible by the fantastic community and involvement we have here on Steemit. Huge kudos to @enginewitty for the vision and fellow member of #thealliance @michaeldavid for helping orchestrate this contest. Music is an art and passion of ours and we would now like to bring up our strongest supporters and think you should give them a Shout too!

Look into the Open Mic contest, put on by @luzcypher! Support your favorite artists by stopping in to see their entries and show them some love! Big hug to @jessamynorchard for connecting the dots!


You have to stop in and hear some of these guys at the Rap Challenge contest, they are phenomenal! Big Shout to @rondonson and all he’s doing to propel the Hip-Hop community here on Steemit!


There are DJ’s here on Steemit that are top-notch! Props to @chiefmappster for coordinating the Beat Battle League. Be sure to stop in and give all those great artists involved your support!


Ah yes, what songs are we able to choose from this week? Since this is the very first Karaoke Contest, we’ve decided to go with some of the top songs of all time. We plan to do themes each week and there will be a theme suggestion post every Saturday for people that have a desire for a certain genre or era of music, so be on the lookout for it!

1) Beyonce – Halo

2) Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

3) John Lennon – Imagine

4) Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

5) Elvis Presley – (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

This is going to be fun my fellow Steemians, Steemites, Steemese, Steemish, Steempeeps, and so on and so forth, LOL! alliance_banner.gif

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Hey sweets, you have a great voice! Unfortunately, we cannot include this for this weeks contest as the rules have to be applied to everyone and this was not the submission thread and just a little late. Highly encourage you to join us for next weeks contest! The submission thread and new songs will be available in the next few hours! Good luck :)

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For a cheetah it's kinda slow :)

Can't wait to get this thing goin!


Oh, it's going my man, it's goin!

I love karaoke, makes me think I have a voice lol!

Awesome you guys. I fully support this contest and will help promote it. Good luck and thanks for the mention.


Woohoo thanks for the support man, we really appreciate it.

I think it's so awesome how you help so many out like you do.


Nom nom :)


Thank you sweets, giving is it's own reward?

Looks like so much fun!

dope concept @killerwhale, you got my support as im a fan of music. Definitely going to resteem this one to get the word out.


Yo, my type of FUN! So glad to have came across this platform! My people, my people ;)