Steemit Karaoke Contest - Week 28: La gota fría XD

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Hi guys! I'm back :D...

I thought that my first post it would be related with gastronomic or sciences :D...


I saw a Steemit karaoke contest and I couldn't resist the temptation to participate XD, actually I don't have any sing experience, but I love music and I enjoy sing.

I truly believe that music is fun, and I got a lot of fun recording this karaoke… :D!

I hope that you could enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed recording it'D… My apologies if I'm too much off key :S

:O I almost forgot!... the song that I decided to sing for this karaoke is a spanish song called ¨La gota fría¨, sung by Carlos Vives ;)

PS: ¨I can resist everything, except temptation¨

Oscar Wilde (My favorite writer)

Also, I want to apologize for my english, I really hope to improve it!


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Follwoed you


Thank you! @steemitglass... is going to be a pleasure follow you as well ;)