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Why is Archaeology important? Why we should make it decentralized with the first ever decentralized Archeological blockchain KAPU!

When you talk about Archaeology, what is the first thing you think about?
Dinosaurs, skeletons, Clay Jars and the lists go on, but they are all classified as a part of history.

Archaeology is so important because it is so relevant in our lives. I have always been interested in history, before the rise of human existence to the rise and fall of great empires such as Rome to the first recordings of how America was founded. All these times during history played an important part into what society we live in now.
History is great and all but one thing a lot of people do not realize is that it goes hand in hand with archaeology.

History would not be where it is today without many of these things that archaeologists have discovered and unearthed. Without first being discovered by the Archaeologists, our past as written by history books may be very different.

Archaeology helps us to broaden our understandings of humans and their past interactions with objects, other life forms and architecture, beyond those that are just written in the books of History.

For many that do not know, the reason why archaeology also played another integral part of our lives today is because they also introduced things such as cabinets of curiosities that ultimately have led to modern day museums. Without Archaeology, Museums would not be as expansive as it is today with a variety of displays in each museum.
Now what if we can make all the findings that archaeologist find decentralised? What if there is no sole entity controls where all the findings of Archeologist go to. That is where the KAPU project comes in. In short KAPU-coin (‘KAPU Token’) will be used to keep track of all the findings from Archaeologist on a ledger called the KAPU blockchain, where Peer-Peer networking allows access from everyone around the world to find out where each Archaeological piece is situated and moved to with the recordings stuck on the blockchain and not ever able to be changed. This is important as the records ensure no manipulation in what the Archaeologists findings are and the true founders of each finding. (To learn more please go to https://kapu.one/ to view the white paper and its objectives).

In summary, Archaeology is not only important because it has helped start museums and write the history books, it helps us understand at one time of human history, who we were and where we came from. Without the Archaeological findings human society would not be able to advance themselves into the society we live in today and future.
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Nice Article! Kapu project is going to be awesome!

Thank you for that :) hopefully it was insightful

Wow this really sounds super huge.🙂

I believe it will be, plus the DPoS system rewards those that hold onto it. When you think of blockchain and its use case you can think of archaeology benefiting a lot from it as well.

well said :)

nice proyect, I follow closely :)

I love to study history as well. Reading of the *Kapu Whitepaper is definately on my to-do list.

Thank you for sharing this info with all of us. Well written post.

Have a great week. @sargento

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