kanockpool Mining site will eat your money.

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Newly launched website knockpool will eat your money . Donot invest in this site. There are two reason.

  1. As per Scamadvisor.com site is low profile & high risky.

ss (2).jpg

  1. Mining sites use internet for mining cryptocurrency. But this site will do mining even you disconnect your internet connection. What the F........ I mean how it is possible. Just check below video for proof.

Actually this site is giving 0.001 Btc free for its user to attract them and make them greedy. I think mining is just pre-set by computer which will generate 0.001 within 5-6 day. Today i when i disconnect internet connection site didnt stop mining bitcoin. I will only suggest you to just take free bitcoin 0.001 until site give. but dont deposit.

May be i am wrong but i write with proof. If anyone earning here a lot kindly comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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NOT a scam at all I have been paid 4 times so far..

nice post.. upvoted and followed
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