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A bunch of things came together, causing me to stay up until 2am, writing the initial JavaScript for a new iOS and Android game, and web site.

  1. I got hooked on Kakuro.
  2. @good-karma's work on Steem Mobile introduced me to the Ionic app framework, which enables easy creation of iOS and Android apps from a single HTML and JavaScript codebase.
  3. As I was attempting to go to sleep, it occurred to me that generating a Kakuro board isn't really very hard.
  4. I've done a number of other JavaScript projects, so I'm pretty good at it.

Zen Master

I bought the domain Kakuro-Master.com, created a web site for it on my Digital Ocean machine, and wrote enough code to generate a board and display it in a table. I'm not done with that, but having gotten this far in a few hours of hacking, I'm motivated to keep going.

What I have written so far is live at Kakuro-Master.com. All you can do with it at present is fill in a number from 2 to 9 (the maximum run length) and press the "Generate" button.

Kakuro Board

The code is on GitHub.

Keep your eyes on the kakuro-master tag for future reports.

Nice to have another personal project. Maybe I'll make some money with this one.

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