Kaggle Halloween competition for identifying spooky authors from text samples + prizes for upvoted posts/essays

in kaggle •  2 years ago 


A rare chance to get your literature and computer science friends together and have some fun this halloween! $20k USD in prizes for both machine learning predictions as well as well-written and upvoted posts about the issues involved in author identification and prediction.

Of the $20k prize pool, 6 awards of $2k each will be distributed for the most upvoted machine learning kernel (literate code, well-documented, commented, and useful). From the website it appears they are targeting "...an R tutorial, a Python tutorial, creative feature engineering, creative data visualization. Tip: Add tags like "tutorial", "feature engineering", and "data visualization" to your kernel after you publish it to help others discover it."

Interestingly, Kaggle is also offering discussion prizes, with a total prize pool of $5k -- 5 awards of $1k each for the most upvoted discussion topics. I think Steemians will already know something about that... :-) See website for more info on eligibility and competition details.

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